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Thursday, July 30, 1998

Welcome! Walpurgis Night Music is up and running for it's first day! Currently only the frame working has been established, but a great deal of Matt Cameron content is soon to come.

Expect the Bio-history to be up within the next day or two, as well as the drum animation on the front page to be finished. It will be a treat!

Matt is currently on break after an excellent 1st leg of the Pearl Jam '98 tour.

Saturday, August 1, 1998

Well, the first big chunk of content has been added to the Bio-history section.

Two articles, June '94 Modern Drummer and September '96 Drum! have been posted.
In addition, the May 6, 1998 BoomTheory Online chat with Matt has been added under Bio-history.

Expect within the next couple of days for the Biography to be written, the 'Gear' to be posted, and the January 21, 1998 BoomTheory Chat added.

Monday, August 3, 1998

The first Boomtheory chat session (edited to questions and answers) from January 21, 1998 has been added to the 'Matt's Chat' area of the Bio-history section. It's quite insightful.

In addition, both the 'Gear' and 'Quotes' sections have been posted again under Bio-history.

As you most likely saw on the front page, the Java animation has been completed, but still needs to be tweaked so that the timing is perfected. To stop the music from running, all you need to do is click on the animation.

Currently, I am writing up the Bio, and getting several pictures to post in the Multimedia section.

Saturday, November 28, 1998 HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT!!!
After an extensive break (due to my first semester of college) I have picked up right where I left off. Walpurgis Night Music is up and running, and has been extensively updated.

First, three photo galleries of Matt have been added under the Multimedia section. The pictures include several shots of Matt with Soundgarden (thanks to the Unofficial SG Website), as well as '98 Yield Tour pictures featuring Matt with Pearl Jam (thanks to Synergy).

Look for more pictures to be posted in the near future.

Next, the Bio-history section has been updated with a full biography of Matthew Cameron accompanied with several pictures.

The Music section has been created, with 2 songs for the December Songs of the Month. Check out the Skinyard, and Pearl Jam MP3's under music.

Lastly, the Bands section has been started (and will continue to be updated) with short band descriptions and accompanying links.

Tell me what you think so far.


Wednesday, December 9, 1998 BIG NEWS!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, Pearl Jam manager Kelly Curtis has confirmed that Matt Cameron will enter the studio early next year to rehearse for a possible new album. See the whole article: Rolling Stone: 12.9.98

Wednesday, March 31, 1999

After an extensive layover, I've finally updated the page...and what a better night to do it! Tonight is Matt's third boomtheory Chat!!! An edited transcript will be up shortly tonight or tommorrow. In addition, I've added a review of Wellwater Conspiracy's excellent sophomore album entitled "Brotherhood of Electric: Operational Directives." To view the review click here:

Brotherhood of Electric

Email me at Walprgis@aol.com for any comments or critiques. Sorry all for the lengthy break...my first year of college has been excellent yet very busy...look forward for a new song of the month and for added news about WWC and other projects.

Friday, April 2, 1999

"I'm filling in permanently" --Matt C. when asked about his role with Pearl Jam

Matt's third Boomtheory chat proved to be very insightful once again. Read the edited transcript under Biohistory, or click here to just straight to it. Matt's currently in the studio with Pearl Jam, and is contributing a great deal towards the new album. He reported that the band has played several of his songs and that he will play guitar on certain tracks!

In Wellwater Conspiracy news, according to Matt, the band is releasing it's stunning album Brotherhood of Electric on vinyl in two months. Rumors are that Third gear will release the record. In addition, Matt stated that the band was working on a music video, directed by Ed Vedder. Lastly, Matt reported that Wellwater hopes to tour during the fall, and that "hopefully Ben will hook up with Wellwater at a later date."

Last, Matt has stated a few times that radio stations around the US are not giving Brotherhood enough air time...give your local station a call and spread the word. Become a part of the Conspiracy!

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