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April 2, 1999

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Wal.pur.gis Night (val-poor'gis)

n. 1.a. The eve of May Day, observed in some European countries and in some Scandinavian communities in the United States in celebration of spring and marked by music, singing, and bonfires. b. The eve of Beltane, believed by medieval Christians to be the occasion of a witches' Sabbath.   2. An episode or situation having the quality of nightmarish wildness.

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This site is a fan-based tribute to the drummer Matt Cameron.
Originally conceptualized in July 1998, it is designed as a resource for
Matt Cameron fans around the world. It is, however, in no
way officially associated with Matt Cameron.

I am a fan.

Matt, if you, or any other fans wish to critique or contribute to the site,
E-mail me here at,


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