Matt has played throughout the years with several stellar bands. This section provides a brief look at those in which Matt has been a part, and provides links for further information.

Official Skin Yard Page

Matt began his career with the band Feedback. Feedback was a "power-trio" consisting of Daniel House and Tom ("Nerm") Herring. This band, however would later evolve into the Skinyard. Skinyard formed in the Spring of 1985 and played their first gig June 7th with the U-Men. They released material on the Deep Six Compilation, and later realeased a self-titled LP.

Unofficial Soundgarden Homepage

After leaving Skinyard, Matt later joined up with Soundgarden. His incredible work with the band changed it's sound and added incredible rythmic complexity. Matt played with Soundgarden until April 9, 1997 when the band mutually decided to break up.

Wellwater Conspiracy

Formed initially as a Soundgarden "side-project", Wellwater Conspiracy joined Matt and fellow Soundgardener Ben Shepherd with John Mcbain formerly of Monster Magnet. The pseudo-garage band is set to release a second album in the near future.

Five Horizons: a Pearl Jam Fanzine

Since the break-up of Soundgarden Matt has joined with fellow Seattle rock band Pearl Jam to fill in as drummer for ailing Jack Irons. His future with the band has yet to be decided, though his work and effort will surely never be forgotten.